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  • 1964 Daytona convert.Las

    Last winter I said I was going to sell my 64 Daytona that is original . I now have it on Craigs List. If you want anymore info. Send me your e-mail and I can send pictures. My e-mail is

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    May I suggest that you include a link to the posting on craigslist?


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      Originally posted by creegster View Post
      May I suggest that you include a link to the posting on craigslist?
      There is another post two hours after this post. The poster title is " Last South Bend Convertible" It has a link to the city of Granger and the price is $22,500.

      Bob Miles
      Different by Design
      Different by Delight!


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        I believe this is it. Not knowing Indiana well, I am guessing Grainger is neat Kokomo;
        Handsome car, really nice colour combination.


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          South be nd craigsistlist.


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            Not my car. Try South Bend craigslist, go Auto for sale.


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              WHAT is not your Car? This apparently IS it:

              Last Convertible AND in Granger.
              Second Generation Stude Driver,
              Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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                In the interest of accuracy.....

                This is not the last South Bend convertible built. It is serial number 64V18826 and came off the line on December 13th 1963. There are at least 9 convertibles built after this one that are listed in the Registry and presumably still running. There were many more built in Hamilton right up to the summer of 1964.

                The last South Bend convertible is serial number 64V20073 which came off the line on December 19th 1963 and belongs to Bill Dinger of Australia.

                There were 702 convertibles built in the 1964 model year, not 730 as indicated, 416 of which were built in South Bend and 286 in Hamilton.

                By the way, Granger Indiana is adjacent to South Bend, just north of Notre Dame.

                All that said, this is a very nice car and probably well worth the asking price.

                Stu Chapman