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Early 49 2R5 brakes

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  • Early 49 2R5 brakes

    Hello everyone
    Not sure if anyone can help me with this, but thought i would at least ask , i posted this on the Studebaker truck forum about a week ago but unfortunately have not had any reply's , so i thought i might post it on this forum as someone might be able to help.
    I am looking for a photo (or explanation , although photo would be better ) of the routing of the front brake line from the master cylinder to the front brakes particularly where it routes in the area of the front rail ,does it go over, under or through the front rail? the early 49 frame is different than the later 49 2R frames and the parts book notes this on the brake line layout .The later 49's brake line actually run on the inside front rail ( the engine side ) to the feed the passenger side brakes where as the early 49's run on the other side of the front frame rail.
    I asked a question about the brake line routing last year on the Studebaker truck forum and a gentleman named Dan replied with some nice photos, but unfortunately his truck is a 1 ton and also the later style frame so they are routed differently.
    The reason i am asking is that i am installing a Jim Turner dual master cylinder kit and the previous owner rerouted all of the brake lines, this particular line he did a bunch of 90 degree bends and went over the top of the front rail , and to me this just does not seem right ( although i could be wrong ) . I would like to see about getting them routed correctly, and any help would be appreciated
    thanks guys , Blake

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    My truck is an early 1949 model. I replaced the brake lines. I would have attempted to follow the original routing, but I may not have been 100% successful.

    Click image for larger version

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      The line is the one near the green drip in photo 3. It continues in photo 2 where it turns up. It then turns outward to fit through the hole in photo 1.

      I did not see the green drip until I took the photos off the camera. It looks like antifreeze, but I do not know why it would be there.


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        Thanks a lot Robert , so it does go up and over the rail ! , that's what i was looking for. As for the bit of anti freeze , that is a strange place for it to show up maybe it wicked somehow from the radiator over flow ?
        good luck and thanks again , Blake