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1950 Fuel Sediment Bulb Missing Something

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  • 1950 Fuel Sediment Bulb Missing Something

    I just took my 1950 Land Cruiser AC dual diaphram fuel pump apart, and saw this inside the glass sediment bowl. Every sediment bowl I've had has either had a white stone filter, or a fine brass screen. This has neither and has a thick brass ring. Anyone seen something like this before? Thanks, Tom

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    I have seem them before in the Filters/Fuel Pumps.
    Not sure what the Technology behind these is, but the ones I have seen had fine layered Brass plates that would actually Filter, but it must have had something to restrict the flow and redirect it between the IN and Out to actually work.
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      Sure enough, that's exactly what it is. I should have looked a bit closer, but I've never seen one this thin before.
      I've also seen oil filters made this way, but much larger.