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47 dually hub conversion?

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  • 47 dually hub conversion?

    I got a 47 m15 dually recently. You know. 17" split rims. And of course, I have all but 1 of said wheels sitting on the truck. Anybody know where I could get another that doesn't cost an arm and a leg?

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    If I can't find a matching rim, my next plan is to get bolt pattern spacers/ adapters for a newer style dually wheel& tire combo. Just been trying to find a stock style rim first


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      The good news is that I just picked up a 70ish Dodge motor home chassis with 7 of these wheels. The bad news is that I need to keep them for my M15. Just mentioned this because you might find some on an old motor home carcass, or junk yard. Mine came with dry rotted 7.50- 17 radials.


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        Alright, I'll keep an eye open. Thanks for the info


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          I have a nephew that might be able to help. I think he's got a Motor home like what you are speaking of that he has stripped.
          What's better he's in the Southeast part of Okie Land. I'll check and see if he still has it.