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  • The Economy Motor Buggy

    If you are a member of the Illinois region of the "Classic Car of America"
    You can read an article in their spring issue on The Economy Motor Buggy Company that build the building we have in Joliet IL , which is now full of Studebaker parts.
    It is a very well written article about Joliet auto makers.
    Robert Kapteyn

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    could you possibly get permission from the 'Classic Car of America' club to share the article here?
    By the way, one of the highlights of attending last years international meet in South Bend was my return trip home, when I visited with you at your Studebaker parts headquarters in the Economy Motor Buggy factory building. It was awesome!
    In the middle of MinneSTUDEa.


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      Every year I head east I try and stop and see Bob and now his son Rob, most of the time I have others with me that have not seen his place so I make sure we can stop and every one gets a chance to see every thing. If one is a Studebaker person then there are a few things one must see before it is to late and Bob and Rob's place is one of them along with the PSMCR's, and every thing Studebaker related in South Bend. Keep in mind Ted Harbit is not going to race for ever but I think he is going to try. ( keep it up Ted and nice talking with you when ever I get the chance to see you).
      Castro Valley,


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        I asked for some back copies and will try to copy the article.