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  • Mounding clips

    I’m trying to get the trim sorted out for my 1953 hardtop. I purchased a nearly complete set of belt line mouldings. The retaining clips have broken off the mouldings. There is an extant clip which does not work with my car. I assume it’s from different year.
    Q. Does anyone make or supply these clips?
    Q. Has anyone had success reaching the clips to the pot metal?

    Thank you.

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    There were different clips used in different parts of the production run. Have you looked at the body parts catalog?
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      Yes I have Roy. Seems this trim is not from 53 but I will need to modify them to make them fit the 53 body clip retainers. The 53 trim has a “button” type clip. The button portion is what I’m looking for. They were part of the trim from the factory. The retainers are available from a few vendors.