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Would you bring a Studebaker to an IM and try to sell it there?

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  • Would you bring a Studebaker to an IM and try to sell it there?

    Being an SDC member for going on fifty years, I'm well aware of the well-deserved CASO reputation. However, in the past decade, there's probably been more money spent restoring Studes of all years, models and conditions than probably in the previous fifty.

    Again, unscientific observation, but there is the feeling this forum is mostly the critical hard core who already have their Studes and a would-be seller is more likely to get his price on eBay than from this forum. The inference could be made the IMs are even more so. Only the serious, already got one members attend. But then, they've also put up money into a Stude and who doesn't want at least one more interesting/bucket list Stude?

    The plus of selling at the IM is this very skeptical bunch can inspect over, under, around and through; no chance of disagreement or disappointments as with a remote sale.

    So what's the consensus here? Would you think it worth the effort to bring an offering to the IM, or easier to let it sit home and offer on eBay?

    Bonus question - Any success stories from Bring A Trailer? It's interesting to peruse, but do they move the merchandise?

    jack vines

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    What is an IM?


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      I think there are people who go to the International Meet with intentions of buying a Studebaker if they find the right one. Some, like one of our chapter members, don't intend to buy, but find a car they really want. The best approach might be to post it on other sites with the option of delivery to the IM.
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        Originally posted by bensherb View Post
        What is an IM?
        NT RN T N L M T

        Want to buy a vowel?
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          I know of one transaction that did sell on Bring A Trailer and that was the late Kelly Marion's 60 Lark 2 door V8 with overdrive. Initially it was posted by Kelly but he died unexpectedly and the auction was stopped. After his widow got the title straight and it was sold to a forum member (bumpkinville I believe is his screen name). Just an observation but maybe 40 to 50 percent may sell.

          Bob Miles
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            Yes, if the IM was close to where I lived.
            No, if I had to drive more than 4 hours or so.


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              Originally posted by 52-fan View Post
              I think there are people who go to the International Meet with intentions of buying a Studebaker if they find the right one.
              For true. I went to the 1982 IM in Seattle with the intention of buying a pickup. I found and bought my '55 E12 there; ironically, it came from nearer to home in Spokane than it was to Seattle, but in those pre-internet days, I'd probably never have heard of it for sale only a hundred miles away, in Electric City, WA.

              jack vines


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                I'd take it to the meet and try to sell it. Every Studebaker that shows up helps make the meet, and that's the main reason I attend the meets, to see all the different Studebakers, for sale or not. The swap meet is the other reason I attend the meets.


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                  Meets, by their very definition, are events that gather a bunch of like-minded people together for a sociable time. If that includes selling one of your Studes there, then be my guest, as it can only add to the beauty and luster of the whole affair!
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                    I think that if it is an unusual or special car it would do better at the IM. In 2012 in South Bend we found a '50 convertible we wanted and were ready to drive it home until someone out bid us. I drove an old Lark to the Spokane IM to sell in '05 and I didn't get an offer.


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                      I think an IM or even a Zone meet are the perfect places to advertise your car for sale. Why are people at these events?.......They are interested in Studebakers. If your numbers are not reached, then try an auction or some other venue, but Studebaker people are probably your best bet for getting a buyer or getting the information passed on to others.
                      I know that I visit the Car Coral at every event and I certainly don't need any more projects, but you just never know.
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                        I wouldn't, but the International Meets are always sooooooooooooooo far away from me to chance wasting that much time and effort if my main reason to go were to sell a vehicle. It close and convenient, why not?


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                          I had to chuckle when John from Kansas says that "the International meets are always soooooooooooooooooo far from me." Not trying to be mean, but we on both coasts should be so lucky. John, you are closer to every single meet since 2005, then we are on the West Coast. As a matter of fact in the forty six years that I have been a member, there have only been six meets that we have been closer to, then you in Kansas.


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                            My Transtar, which is currently for sale, will be driven to the International Meet in Tacoma if a buyer does not materialize before the end of August. I would say the closeness of Tacoma is the primary reason... I don't think I'd trek 1/2 way across the continent just to offer it up for sale on spec - might deliver it to a committed buyer though.
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                              At the IM meet in 2015 several higher dollar cars sold to local car dealers whom bought them to flip. Several others sold and several went home with the owners unsold. If I was taking one to the IM meet, I would advertise it well ahead of time on various sites. What better place to go and look at a car you are interested in but would like to look over first.

                              I personnally have sold several Studes on Ebay. I think you get a little less but they move faster. If you price them too high they will probably take longer to sell

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