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57 Golden Hawk scam again

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    Originally posted by StudeRich View Post
    Careful there "Son", your Age and experience is beginning to show. You don't ALWAYS get the "Real Story" from Google or Wikipedia you know!

    If you could see the Top of this Emblem on top of this Supercharger you could read the: "McCullough" stamped into it.

    Hey! He read it on the interweb, so you know it's gotta be true. They can't put lies on the web, it's against the rules.
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      Originally posted by WinM1895 View Post
      1957 Ford & Thunderbird VIN engine code F = 312 4V with factory installed McCullough Supercharger. Supercharger also available in 1957 Mercury 312.
      A friend of mine ordered a new '57 F-code Thunderbird. He waited quite a while for it. He got the 16th one sold to the public. He kept it many years until his growing family outgrew it (single when he bought it at Hoffman Motors, Beacon, NY).
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        Originally posted by Big Smooth View Post
        Rich is correct and for a second I was excited thinking that's my Goldenhawk that he and Mike are about done with. I think next week I can make it up to see.

        No way this one can be yours.
        I saw it just ten minutes ago.
        Yours is closer to the proper color...
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          Awesome! I can't wait and know my Dad is happy knowing it's done right..
          sigpic1957 Goldenhawk

          Keeping the passion alive


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            Must have been a scam and got removed.