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Fender Skirts...not so much

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  • Fender Skirts...not so much

    Ordered a pair of NOS Foxcraft primed steel skirts for my '51 Champion Regal 4-door sedan (10G-W5) from a west coast collector.

    I know, I know, skirts are not for everyone's taste, but period accessories are period accessories and the 50's were a wild adventure in styling. Anyways, the Foxcraft catalog back then listed all '47-'52 Champions as having the same skirt (convertible, 2-door coupe and sedan, 4-doors, etc). And I should note these are overlaid skirts not the flush type that fit inside the opening. See pic for the result....

    Needless to say I asked to have them sent back to the seller as the curvature and particular mounting spring-rods at the bottom are just not going to work without a lot of stress on the panel.

    Has anyone else found the Foxcraft or other manufactured skirts to fit their Champion 4-door sedans? Seeing skirts on a Studebaker is generally a rare sight anyways,

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    It's hard to tell if they could be made to fit or not from that angle. they might work with a bit of careful shaping, but if you don't feel up to it, send them back.
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      can't possibly be the right application. jimmijim
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        Did you try calling Big Jim's in Texas?

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          I still have a pair of CK fender skirts. They were NOS, but I've painted them yellow for my 55 Champion coupe. Didn't look right and they were on the outside of the fender like yours. Repainted green for my 55 Commander coupe - Ditto for it. They only fit with 195 75R15 tires, not 205s.

          I am going to try on some other cars before I sell them


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            Studebaker International and also Stephen Allen Studebaker both sell skirts for 47-52 cars, I have installed 2 sets.
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              Thanks everyone - great leads and feedback.


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                For what it's worth "Big Jim's" fiberglass copies of the foxcraft skirts and pretty think as they are fiberglass so they look pretty "bulky" on the fender and of course they will mar the paint because they are on the paint. I bought a set and didn't like the looks on the car so I modified Click image for larger version

Name:	Capture.JPG
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                  Like those red skirts!!!!


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                    And here are the originals on Check Naugle's '48 Starlite Coupe.Click image for larger version

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