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  • GT Hawk Expert in Bay Area

    I have tentatively committed to the purchase of my first 63 GT Hawk that's located in Fremont Ca.
    I'll be flying in to San Francisco on the 22nd and looking at the car later that week. Does anyone know of a GT Hawk expert or good all around mechanic that I could take the car to have it inspected. Alternately any words of wisdom on what to look for that could be a show stopper. This is an $8,000 buy so I'm not expecting a showroom car but I don't want something headed to the scrap heap either. Here are the owners words of what he's done to it.

    I drive it to car shows as hobby/fun.
    I have done quite a bit of work to the car---
    so its a repaired original car, but not a restored car....I have most of my parts/receipts.

    Should you want or need parts; Never had any Problem getting parts; LOTS of quality vendors------its actually has been VERY easy.

    Original 289 V8 engine. Engine number matches; I have the original build paper work;
    I upgraded to a 4 barrel Edlebrock 1403 carb---and later I installed richer fuel rods and a atomizing blast plate for a little extra horse power/ crispness.
    I had the 3 speed automatic transmission bench rebuilt, and then I re-installed it.

    It has always been a California car...
    Stock Distributor modified to electronic Mopar ignition with electric Choke, so it fires up very reliably.
    I do have the wheel well chrome trim, which I removed-- cause I like the look.

    I have had the rear spings out , for new bushings I had pressed i
    I installed a stainless steel exhaust

    Oil pan has been removed, to install new gasket......rear main seal replaced....
    Front main seal, Replaced !
    Amazing thing is when I had the rear main cap off., there was No bearing wear or crank shaft rear most journal wear
    amazing testimony to old machining back at the Studebaker factory...

    Fuel Line replaced, done professionally
    new brakes & Master Cyl
    Alternator Re Wound/Rebuilt by a electric motor shop in Oakland
    Freeze Plugs replaced
    New Motor mounts
    new Pinion seal & U joints
    New Fuel Pump
    Replaced (1) rear axle
    Replaced Heater Core
    the accelerator Bell Crank was professionally reworked / Re-Fab'd
    I replaced the speedometer

    new E-Brake cable

    Any and all input greatly appreciated.

    Ray Chartrand
    Mansfield Texas

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    If you post some photos someone will probably know the car.....
    Lou Van Anne
    62 Champ
    64 R2 GT Hawk
    79 Avanti II


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      Good ideaClick image for larger version

Name:	front.jpg
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        Studebakers West in Redwood City is a reliable and knowledgeable choice. Also contact Bob Peterson, he is in Castro Valley. He is candbstudebakers on this forum. Very knowledgeable and one of the most astute judges of Studebaker horseflesh there is.
        Pat Dilling
        Olivehurst, CA
        Custom '53 Starlight aka STU COOL

        LS1 Engine Swap Journal:


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          The owner is a very nice guy and seems very honest. I've known him for a year or so and he is active in the Sequoia chapter of the club.
          RadioRoy, specializing in AM/FM conversions with auxiliary inputs for iPod/satellite/CD player. In the old car radio business since 1985.

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            i’ve Spoken to him at length & he’s very upfront & honest so i’ll Go on that and my own mechanical experience to make the call after a test drive
            i’ll Let you know how it goes


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              thanks for the info


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                It’s mine - bought sight unseen
                will test drive after the fact on the 25th & ship to Texas in early June


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                  I know Paul and the car rather well, and if Paul said the things he has done then the things were done, He does drive it to the shows and other events here in the Bay Area, but if you are planning on driving the car to Texas then that is up to you, I never take any 50 year old car out of the state for a number of reasons . first my truck gets better mileage, has A/C, better seats, and I know I will get there with out any problems, nothing worse than stuck out in the middle of no were. Other will tell you to go ahead and enjoy what ever it brings. I am not just talking about Paul's car but old cars in general, good luck have a nice trip. I now see in your post you will have shipped good choice
                  Castro Valley,


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                    Thanks Roy & Bob---- Upon selling the Hawk, I did share early on that the car should be trucked out of state.
                    I mentioned early on, that the steering box needs Re- rebuilding and is unfit for long distance busy roads---- even though I drive to around the bay area have had it to Stockton for a swap meet.
                    I also mentioned that the engine is original with mileage unknown- that it runs good with even compression all the way around..... BUT unless a car is restored, I would not run off on long distance travel--I picked up a spare steering box I will supply upon pickup , along with all my parts receipts, and club vendor info, so new owner starts off on a better foot than I did ....Best wishes to all----