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Shot in a Studebaker dearship......

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  • Shot in a Studebaker dearship......

    "Quicksand", Tonight, Film Noir, Movies Channel......shot in a 1950 Studebaker dealership.....Mickey Rooney stars.
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    Thank you! I set it to record, love to see it again. If you're a fan of Film Noir see TCM 'Noir Alley' on Saturday night and again on Sunday mornings.


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      Watching Dr.Blake the other night on PBS. There was a 57 Golden Hawk in a couple shots...
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        You can watch it all year round here:
        Nice day to all.


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          You can watch "Quicksand" on Youtube, as well as "The Big Wheel" from 1949, also starring Mickey Rooney, which has a lot of exciting footage of racing everything from midgets to Indy 500.

          I never saw a movie with Peter Lorre that I didn't enjoy watching. Barbara Bates had a promising but short career, best known for the final scene in "All About Eve" with George Sanders. Sadly both Bates and Sanders were troubled souls, and took their own lives.
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            Last night I just happened to turn the channel when I saw a man and woman surrounded by Studebaker cars and pickups. That has to be the most Studes I've seen in any movie scene. This was about 15 minutes into the movie. I hadn't heard of this movie before, so I did a Google search and learned it was shot in 1950.


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              From your thread title I was sure there would be blood involved.
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