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Bit of a trip.

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  • Bit of a trip.

    I'm going from Omaha to Norman and back for USPS training. On the Videojet PC-37. Which I already have a bit of a Pauli Effect on. So does anybody along the way, or isn't to far off the path have any Studebaker goodies they'd sell cheap that would fit on any of the vehicles in my tag line?
    1963 Champ "Stu Bludebaker"- sometimes driver
    1957 Silver Hawk "Josie"- picking up the pieces after an unreliable body man let it rot for 11 years from an almost driver to a basket case
    1951 Land Cruiser "Bunnie Ketcher" only 47M miles!
    1951 Commander Starlight "Dale"- basket case
    1947 Champion "Sally"- basket case
    1941 Commander Land Cruiser "Ursula"- basket case