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    Peter, no offense, but you can't expect an accurate answer when you have not told us the year or the model or type of engine in this car!

    Best we know, this could be a Champion flathead six cylinder, a Commander flathead six cylinder, a '61 thru '64 OHV six cylinder, a 56 Golden Hawk with a Packard V8, a '51 thru '64 Studebaker V8, a '65/'66 McKinnon 6 cylinder, or a '65/'66 McKinnon V8. All of these are different engines with the temp sensor in different locations. And these are only the postwar Studebakers!

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      From previous posts, I would guess 56 Skyhawk 289. However, it would be much more informative to state year, model and engine without any one making an assumption.
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        Originally posted by jclary View Post
        If it is a short wire, close to the firewall, perhaps it goes to the coolant sending unit. Some of these, instead of an "eyelet" type connector that is fastened to a threaded post with a nut...instead was a flat ended stud with a clip style wire connector that merely slid onto the sending unit. Check it out.
        A new car collector friend of mine felt it with his hand and reconnected it. I would never have found it. Back in business, temp gauge wise!
        peter lee