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Plain Brown Wrapper immortalized

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  • Plain Brown Wrapper immortalized

    I was double-checking the dates for the 2018 Pure Stock Muscle Car Drag Race and clicked on Co-Promoter Dan Jensen's nice Memorial to Tom Shaw:

    I took that photo of Tom in back of The Plain Brown Wrapper at the 2016 Pure Stock Muscle Car Drag Race. The 'Wrapper was on the trailer, so if you look over Tom's left shoulder, you can see the 'Wrapper's left front door vent window and the left side of the driver's compartment through the 'Wrapper's backlite.

    When we appear at the 2018 Pure Stock Drags, it will be the 21st consecutive year we've run high-performance Studebakers at the event, with Ted Harbit piloting the fastest Studebaker every year. (Geeze, he was only in his early 60s when we first went!)

    BTW, the dates for this year's event are Friday, September 14 and Saturday, September 15, 2018. 'Hope to see many Studes and Stude enthusiasts there, as usual. BP
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    Thanks for the update Bob.. It's always a pleasure to hear from you!


    JT Austin, TX


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      & here I've been sitting wondering why there aint no words about that brown Studebaker & Tom anymore... well now I know.