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57 Commander fan shroud

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  • 57 Commander fan shroud

    I understand the 57 259 equipped Commanders did not have fan shrouds. After hearing horror stories about guys dying after getting hit by a broken fan as they worked on their engines and looking over my shoulder at the spinning fan as I adjusted my carb yesterday, sure wish my car had one. Anyone make one up or know a model that will fit?

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    I suggest NOT revving up the Engine while standing next to the Fan!

    It also would be good to inspect the Blades now and then for cracks.
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      You can check your fan blade for cracks. You have to remove it to do so, but that will give you a chance to inspect the fasteners at the same time. If there are no cracks, and the proper fasteners are in place and tightened, the blade should be secure.

      In practice, when working on my car, I spend the minimum amount of time at right edges to the blade, moving past it as quickly as possible and never working/standing/pausing in that position. I treat that zone like the prop zone line painted on military propeller-type aircraft.

      It seems to me that fan shrouds could possibly make a broken fan blade incident worse. Since the fan's center line is at the edge of the shroud, partially in and partially out, so to speak, the detached fan blade can impact in a number of different ways. That makes the expected trajectory of any flying piece unpredictable. You don't know which way it will come flying towards you.

      With no shroud, it's trajectory is predictable, along the prop line.

      That's my theory at least. I haven't tested it and hope not to have to.
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        In the 1956/57 era Studebaker was aware of the problems and supplied a beefed up version of that fan.
        The fan blade on my 1956 Golden Hawk let go a 60 miles an hour and I found out from the heavy vibration.
        I was far from home and ended up braking the opposite blade off which was already cracked and luckily it was a cool day , I made it home without overheating.


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          To answer your question instead of telling you what not to do, there are several threads on this forum explaining how to make your own shroud or modifying an existing shroud from another make/model. Seems like there was one just a week or so ago.
          You can also purchase generic shrouds by radiator size and fan size/location. Some are adjustable. Google, Adjustable fan shrouds.
          If you were to visit most any hot rod shop and mention what you need, I bet they can do it or know where to go to get'r'done.
          Since many of the Studebaker radiators are the same size as some Jeep radiators, an "Off Road 4 Wheel Drive" shop might be of help also.
          Sorry I can't give you a more specific answer, but this might be a start point.
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            Studebaker International has shrouds for 1957 Packard with Air conditioner which is almost the same as 57 commander sedan. The main difference is the size of fan as the air conditioned fan is smaller in diameter but more blades than the four blade on non air conditioned cars. I bought one and installed it on my clipper along with a clutch fan. My brother made a copy of same from sheetmetal and installed it on his 56 President he also installed the clutch fan . These shrouds or most oem style do not enclose the entire fan but only about half as this is suppose to be the best way for maximum cooling effect .