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1962 daytona convertable

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  • 1962 daytona convertable

    Can anyone tell me what a fair price would be for a 1962 Daytona convertible. It has the 170 OHV engine with automatic. It is suppose to be a one owner car and had a repaint done. It has about 82,000 miles on it.

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    3k in rough but moving under its own power to 12 to 17 k in fairly good condition.


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      Go to the next to the last ad at to see what someone else is offering in a 1960 Lark convertible. Maybe it'll help?
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        Always keep in mind that with a Heavy Car like a Convertible, a V8 Engine is always a BIG Plus and worth more, but CONDITION is everything.

        Engine & Mechanical?
        Suspension & Brakes?
        Correct Color and Quality Paint?
        Trunk and Interior FLOOR RUST?
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          Mario, as StudeRich stated, without specific information on condition (cosmetic and mechanical including what works and doesn't work and how well it drives), and good pictures showing the cars condition, the best you will be able to get here is a very wide range like Jeffry provided.

          If you want a closer estimate, more info is needed.
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            We had a beautiful 1962 Lark Daytona convertible many years ago, V8, automatic, red with a white top. In 1975 we had two little girls and a baby boy was on the way. Sold the Lark for $3000. bought a 1974 Caprice station wagon. Wish I still had both cars today.
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