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OK here's one you don't see every day...

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    The concept is nice but the front is hideous!


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      Originally posted by 8E45E View Post
      Reminds me of a Gremlin.Craig
      That was my first impression, too, Craig. it's either a Gremhawk or a Hawklin. BP
      We've got to quit saying, "How stupid can you be?" Too many people are taking it as a challenge.

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        Wow!...I think I checked this out as soon as it was posted. I had to use some unusual restraint to keep from commenting first. The forum sure jumped on this one with both feet!

        But before you think I'm on my "self-righteous High Horse," most of your remarks cover my thoughts (good & bad). My thoughts are I will be happy to enjoy this car as long as I'm not the one paying property taxes on it. To complete the effect, the owner should always show up in a pastel-colored leisure suit with Sonny & Cher's "The Beat Goes On" & "I Got You Babe" playing in the background!
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          The body work on the purple car looks pretty good. I'd like it better if it had the nose from the yellow car on it.

          Of course neither matches the original 53 design for class.
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            Two more possibly salvageable C/K models bite the dust. How long until they become as rare as unmolested Henry J cars?
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              I'd take the purple car over the yellow one. The former uses C/K parts, but is far enough removed from the C/K profile to be legitimately an unique design. The yellow car is is just a C/K with a bunch of inappropriate latter-day gadgets glommed onto it. I like a nice custom C/K, but that isn't one.
              Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands


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                Is this a recent build or a old custom from the late 50s? That front end with canted headlights looks like something you'd see in late 50s period custom car magazines....

                The side view looks quite similar to a mid '00s Chrysler crossfire IMO.

                I think something more imaginative for the interior & dash would help it out. Whatever one thinks of the looks, it appears to be well made.

                Jeff in ND


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                  I agree with Gord & I'd drive it too! On the roadrace track...
                  NOT the yellow one.


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                    I actually like the view of the purple "bobtail" kustom from dead astern in the ad. Somewhat reminiscent of some early-50s Ferrari designs from that angle. From the side...yep, Gremlin-like proportions, but rounder contours. From head-on...klassic kustom kar styling kues (using all the Ks on purpose). I like the yellow car somewhat better, because of its truer-to-1954 nose...but of course nothing touches the original Bourke Coupe.