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    Originally posted by plee4139 View Post
    My mechanic has recommended this oil for my just rebuilt 289, but I'm not sure of the weight I should get.
    Now I know which weight to use but find the product, Valvoline VR1 hard to find in local stores, so I'm going to order it online and, since I already have 500 miles (not the Peter, Paul & Mary version) on the rebuild, I'm just going to wait until i get the full one thousand miles, as suggested by the mechanic, and do it then. of course, if the rebuilt shop does the oil change then I don't have to buy any. In the meantime I bought a couple of Wix filters even though the shop put in a Fram. Perhaps they felt that since it was only going to be there for that 1K period, it didn't matter. Meanwhile the man in the local shop who got them for me said that if you open up the Fram, there's "nothing inside." Decisions, decisions...
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      Did your mechanic rebuild AND advise 50W oil in your engine ?????


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        Seems any of the auto parts stores in my area only stock the 20w50 or the straight 50 anymore. Being as summer is about here, I did get the 20w50. I plan to look on feeBay for cases of the 10w30 for cool weather use.
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          Amazon Prime is a beautiful thing. My VR1 sows up in two days, free shipping. Note that Amazon Prime only make sense if you buy a lot of stuff online, which I do.
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