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Another young one on the road (almost)

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  • Another young one on the road (almost)

    My sixteen year old had a choice of driving a 60 Lark or a 55 sedan. He chose the 55. It needs some work, but it will be a work in progress, much like Christine, our 58 sedan that my 22 year old has driven since high school.
    It's going to need a
    hood and some rust repair here and there, but nothing crazy. Interior is almost done, thanks to Carl Hair, a member of our chapter that does excellent upholstery work. The car runs like a sewing machine with a 3 speed overdrive transmission. Cody, my son is excited about driving this car, although he still needs to practice with the clutch pedal. He spent the day scrubbing the red and white paint. It's a wonder there is any paint left on the car.
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    Jamie McLeod
    Hope Mills, NC

    1963 Lark "Ugly Betty"
    1958 Commander "Christine"
    1964 Wagonaire "Louise"
    1955 Commander Sedan
    1964 Champ
    1960 Lark

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    Jamie, what a lucky boy to get to drive a classic to school.
    I drove a 62 Daytona 2 Dr Hdtp my senior year in Mishawaka, Indiana, across the street from South Bend..................but that was 1966, so the car was almost new.
    Later, after graduating the car went with me to Fort Bragg, NC when we were allowed personal vehicles after basic training.
    The car was stored at my Grandmother's during my tour of S.E.Asia and traded off upon my returning home.
    Fond memories............hope your boys have great adventures to remember also.
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    1950 Champion Convertible
    1950 Champion 4Dr
    1955 President 2 Dr Hardtop
    1957 Thunderbird


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      Nice '55 !

      Get Him a Side View Mirror and he'll be good to GO!
      Second Generation Stude Driver,
      Proud '54 Starliner Owner
      SDC Member Since 1967


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        You're bringing those boys up right, Jamie!
        Mike Davis
        Regional Manager, North Carolina
        1964 Champ 8E7-122 "Stuey"


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          Well then! Looks as though I'm not the only teenager with a Studebaker after all! Now excuse me while I take Daisy-Mae out for a drive while eating wax bottle candy and listening to the Beach Boys and Jerry Lee Lewis.
          Jake Robinson Kaywell: Shoo-wops and doo-wops galore to the background of some fine Studes. I'm eager and ready to go!

          1962 GT Hawk - "Daisy-Mae" - she came dressed to kill in etherial green with a charming turquoise inside. I'm hopelessly in love!


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            I would say that a high schooler driving a 55 Commander 4-dr sedan to school in 2018 would be far cooler than a high schooler driving a 60 Lark station wagon to school in 1969. I actually did this, and there were plenty of Camaro & Mustang driving teenagers turning up their nose at me. There actually were some kids that liked the Lark, but it elicited mostly negative reactions.

            It was even worse cruising the local drive-ins. I can recall backing into a parking spot next to a 68 Chevelle, and the driver acted like he was extremely irritated. He left almost immediately after I got parked, like he was ashamed to be sitting next to me.

            To be honest about it, I acted pretty goofy in those days, and a lot of my buddies were of the same ilk. Some of the negative reactions probably had as much to do with me as the car. Lots of people wish they could go back to their teenage years. I don't count myself as one of those people. Kids can be brutally honest, and they aren't always shy about showing contempt for anyone they think deserves it.


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              Jamie and I are good friends who often find our paths have crossed. When my son was 16 a friend had two Studebakers for sale. One was a '64 four door Commander or a '55 Champion four door. He went immediately to the '55, just like Jamie's son did. I told my son about this the other day and he laughed and said of course he picked the '55.
              Joe Roberts
              '61 R1 Champ
              '65 Cruiser
              Eastern North Carolina Chapter