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Oil Pan for 1961 289 V8

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  • Oil Pan for 1961 289 V8

    I need an oil pan for my 289 V8 as soon as possible. Mechanic is just waiting for a decent pan before finishing up the engine that I have been waiting for since last September. I would really like to get this Hawk on the road soon!

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    Sorry that I have none to offer, but mine was pretty beat up and I was able to straighten it out and save it. You could take it to a welding shop and see what they say.


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      Mine was not beat up at all, the mechanic was just a little leary of pin holes after sand blasting. He decided to coat with JB Weld and did a very nice job. Now he is having trouble with the pan gasket - says it is a leak waiting to happen ! I am going to start another thread about that. Thanks.