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    My sn tag is attached with rivets. It was hanging by a thread and rusty underneath so I pulled it off with thumb and forefinger, cleaned the pillar up, painted it, and reinstalled the serial no. tag. This isn't the first time I have seen serial number tags that either have fallen off or are about to do so. I understand being suspicious of the practice but it seemed the best thing to do ,and is better than no serial number at all. Any thoughts?

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    The production order is the ticket. Available from the Studebaker National Museum in South Bend.
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      That would depend on the YEAR of the vehicle.

      All the Highway Patrol persons and DMV Persons know or can find out that Post War Studebaker Serial Number Plates on the Door Posts are multiple WELDED on, but '65 and '66 Canadian Cars have Special Vin Plate "Rosette" Rivets holding them on.

      If never removed from the Original Factory location, they are Multiple Welded to Bare Steel so there is no reason one would come off. and it would be extremely rare unless tampered with.
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        The older Studebakers had the serial number plate riveted to the frame under the left front wheel.
        These were made of aluminum and the plate comes loose from the rivets.


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          I have seen later models that used Phillips head screws and no weld. Some were lower mileage cars still with the original owners. Seems odd but some were sold that way.


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            Jeff if your tag is still good and clean and all that has happened is it has come loose. Set it up to where it should be and you will see a hole on each side where you could put a screw. Screw it fast and use masking tape to out line the edge of it. Remove the tag and sand where the tag goes with coarse sandpaper. Get some 3-m metal panel adhesive and put a thin coat on the back side of the tag, set it back on using the tap as a guide and screw it fast. after it has dried a couple days remove the tape and the screws. You will have to destroy that tag to ever get it back off without using heat from a torch.


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              Thought of that but didn't have any and the stupid gun broke. Wonder if windsheild adhesive would work as well?? StudeRich; You need to be more observant and objective.