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What happened to JDP?

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    I also have a ton of respect for JDP. He was an excellent vendor - always lots of parts and cars at reasonable prices. He had reasonably priced cars. And he sold very reasonably-priced interiors. I remember how proud he was of the very nice 399 point green GT he assembled.

    Slugging a lot of heavy bulky car parts to a swap meet that may be over 100 miles away in the hopes that you may be able to sell them to Studebaker owners is not a reliable source of income.


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      I have a link to his website on one of my (much neglected) sites. I was poking at it the other day looking to see what needed to be done to it (a LOT) and saw that the link to JDP's site now goes to a holding page. Looking up "" on Whois I see the domain is for sale, they only want $20,000 for it!

      I got my Champ from him. He bought it with a batch of parts and wasn't interested in the truck. So he posted it on the old newsgroup and said it didn't run but the engine wasn't stuck, had no gas tank or interior, and that he'd sell it to the first of us that would offer him $1,000. I bit, and being the kind of character he is he couldn't resist playing with it got it running even after it was sold, and we drove it onto the trailer.
      Jeff DeWitt


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        My mental image of John is him wandering around the York meet with an old newspaper delivery bag slung over his shoulder. In addition to Jeff, I think Nate Nagel's '55 lived there for years before he lost interest.

        The only car I ever bought from John was the Looks Like Hell Hawk, a '62 GT with poorly patched floors, 259 w/ 4 speed and a POR 15 paint job. I gave him $1500 (it ran and drove) just to get the NOS interior. Moved it over to my other '62 GT, put in some used seats I got from Nate and sold it for $1750.
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          Originally posted by JeffDeWitt View Post
          Looking up "" on Whois I see the domain is for sale, they only want $20,000 for it!
          I hate domain squatters. They are lower than tort lawyers (apologies to any attorneys reading this, but... ya know).

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            Agreed. "" is a great domain name for a Studebaker page, but I just don't see a Studebaker fan spending that kind of money to get it.
            Jeff DeWitt