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    Originally posted by mbstude View Post
    Hey Kurt, within the last couple of months, both the ‘47 Land Cruiser and ‘53 Commander hardtop that are here were treated to a new set of Coker bias ply wide whites. Both cars had 10+ year old Coker Classic wide white radials on them previously. The radials were coming apart due to age as neither car sees many miles.

    Given the limited amount of miles you plan on doing, you’d get more for your money if you went the bias ply route. A set of 4 is north of $800, but at 500 miles a year and being stored indoors, they’ll still be good in 15 years.

    Btw, glad to hear you’re giving your 51 a thorough redo. I remember seeing the car in Cedar Rapids. Looking forward to seeing pics of it finished.
    i have driven the car a little over 5000 miles in a little over 13 years. Grandpa bought it in 1983 and drove it about the same mileage in 21 years. That is why we have a very nice 51 Stude with less than 40,000 miles. So yeah the bias make sense and look right.

    thanks for for the kind words about the car. You have a good memory. I wasn’t sure if you remembered our visit,and the car, in Cedar Rapids.

    I was 16 when Gramps brought this car home. I inherited this car when he passed, which is even more special because my Grandfather never gave anyone anything. You had to earn it. It is pretty special to me. What started out as a simple repaint has turned into quite a project. I keep telling myself that this car deserves a proper refurbish/ restoration and it’s going to get it....
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      Originally posted by Kurt View Post
      Coker has bias ply wide whites for just under $200 apiece. Blackwalls are about 180 and American Clasics are $278. Not could buy 4 P215 75R15 on sale at Walmart for what one American classic would cost. That is what I did 13 years ago when I got the car. Now that I am restoring and those tires are getting old I am looking at other options.

      Again in thanks for all the input
      Those radials are not "getting old" at 13 years, they are past due for replacement (regardless of miles driven).
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        Radials drive and ride better than bias but do not have the life expectancy. Worth the investment if you plan on enjoying putting miles on your ride.
        I believe companies that reproduce tires for the antique market use old molds procured from the original manufacturer, and these often display why they were retired. I bought new tires for my '33 from the major antique supplier and can barely read the tire size in the mold. Though I must say they have held up as well as I could hope.
        What I like about Diamond Back is they procure fresh new tires from the major manufacturers and vulcanize the desired white wall, or red line, in to a factory new tire. You do lose the tire manufacturer's warranty, supplanted by DB's own limited warranty.
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