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"Neat" Stude citation hidden in April Hemmings Classic Car

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  • "Neat" Stude citation hidden in April Hemmings Classic Car

    There's a cool Studebaker citation halfway through Steve Hudson's I Was There writing on Pages 82 and 83 of the April 2018 Hemmings Classic Car that might be easily overlooked. Check it out beginning halfway down Column 1 of Page 83; the paragraph beginning, "Customers never had to coax me to look under the hood."

    (And the paragraph immediately preceding that one is pretty good, too...'prolly every guy our age who worked in a full-service gas station back in the day can relate to Steve's extra attention given to insuring an incredibly-spotless windshield for mini-skirt-clad young women drivers. BTDT. )

    I knew there was a reason they called 'em "the good old days!" BP
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    This brings back old memories.
    james r pepper