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60 Lark Convertible sheet metal panels

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  • 60 Lark Convertible sheet metal panels

    I've been working on taking my 60 Lark apart, getting it ready for the sand blaster. As I do, I find more sheet metal panels I need. I'm now looking for a right side rear inner wheelhouse panel, hoping to find a NOS one. Mine had aluminum foil placed over the holes with bondo smeared over the foil. Also I'm still looking for a NOS right front apron panel #1331752. Hoping to find these at the South Bend swap meet in May or sooner. I've checked Studebaker International and also Stephen Allen. If anyone knows where I could find these, your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Keith

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    Jim Bahr of Menomonie Wisconsin has NOS outer rear fenders for your car. Whether or not he has other panels for your car, you would have to call him and ask. You might find his phone number by doing a search on the forum.
    In the middle of MinneSTUDEa.