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    For those who are thinking about getting a 2018 national roster you better hop to it . There has been a vast improvement over the last one I have (2014) . The members list is up front now making it easier to find someone if you don't know their location . Great looking covers inside and out . Clear printing very easy to read . How many other members have got one and what do you think of it ?? I got it exactly when Mark said I should get it , now maybe Mark should take care of the delivery of our TW we would probably get it on time .

    Old Fart

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    You can thank Bob Shaw Vice Chair of the SDC Marketing Committee and Mark Wheeler for making all of those changes. I have mine and it is so much easier to use and read. Also the Copyright statement has been expanded and made more clear which we hope will deter misuse of it.
    sigpicSee you in the future as I write about our past


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      Ordered mine a week ago but has not arrived.
      Don Wilson, Centralia, WA

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      50 Champion 2 door*
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        I ordered my 2018 roster on Dec. 30 and am still waiting for mine.They said delivery would be 7 too 10 days?


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          Avantidon :
          I'm glad to see the changes and you are right it is much easier to use .
          Don . You should have yours 14 days working days from when you ordered it . Thursday is their start of the week .

          64 GT I would contact Mark and see when yours was mailed .

          Old Fart


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            Old, or is it Terry? Actual descriptive TITLES on Forum Strings, are always appreciated here, and make it possible to actually FIND things later.

            The "Go Advanced" button allows a Title change.
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