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  • Turning Wheels Hawk story

    Wasn't there a reprint of a Fred Fox 1961 Hawk history recently in Turning Wheels? The original printing was from 1989. Can anyone tell me the issue a volume # of the reprint?

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    1961 Hawks-part 1:August,2016
    part 2:November 2016
    part 3:February 2017 The 1989 article was in the June,1989,and there was an earlier one,August 1978,feature car[7 pages of 61 Hawk info] !

    volume # for feb 2017 is vol 49,number 2,the Aug 1978 was vol 10 issue number 8 I don't have the other issues handy,but you could do the math,volume= year,number =month.


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      Thank you so much for that info. I just purchased a '61 Hawk.


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        Dennis, I have surplus copies of both the August 1978 and June 1989 issues of Turning Wheels available for sale. Both have 1961 Hawks on the front cover.

        Terms here:


        Both copies would be $9.50 total, postpaid to your door, allowing a little extra for a pre-1980 copy, per the offer in that thread. If you'd like them, let me know and I'll set them aside, pending the arrival of your check. My address is in that thread or any issue of Turning Wheels. Thanks. BP
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