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    Got my Jan issue today. Will be in wpg on 25. Busy as heck but will try to drop by.


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      Just opened my Jan issue and it has been beat pretty bad by postal service. Like the new look, though...


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        If you want a perfect one contact Mark at Cornerstone and tell him yours was devoured by the Canadian Postal System and he'll send you one.
        sigpicSee you in the future as I write about our past


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          I tried that with the Avanti Authenticity manual... The first one I received had a bad crease in the back cover so the guys sent me a new one. Canada post beat the crop out of it before I got it so I told the guys not to bother sending another. I keep the first one in my library and the beat-up one is doing hard labour in my shop.

          I suppose I should take a chance with this new format premiere edition as it would be nice to have a decent copy for the collection so I may make that request. Thanks for the suggestion.


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            Just got mine today (17th). Beautiful printing. Looks really professional!!! Great job SDC Board!!!



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              20 miles away from T-CAB it arrived here also on the 17TH . I was concerned that I would have to modify my shelving unit to fit the new look to match the past 37 years but now that I see it my concerns are null and void . Great new look . Will have to get used to reading it all over again but at my age change can sometimes be a good thing . That's a week and a half ahead of most months let's see how Feb. comes hear let's hope it arrives like it used to when I first joined , came the first week of the month which would please me to no end .

              Take care folks

              Old Fart Terry


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                Our registration for the Calgary meet was sent from WA a month and a half before the meet and it arrived the week after the meet. My brother in law is a Canada Post manager and he says mail "customs" is a legendary black hole in their system.

                For a standard mailing envelope.

                Trucking across the border to mail takes out the black hole and then it's just standard Canadian government mail ineptness... Meanwhile USPS is delivering Sundays for Amazon Prime.

                We've had similar problems paying Whistler condo maintenance fees so we only do it by phone now.


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                  I promised a mail study for our Canadian friends. February's Turning Wheels will be in the mail very soon. So here's what I am planning to do. Folks like Old Fart, StudeNorm, T-cab, kmul221,Buzzard and a few more will be receiving a private e,mail outside of the forum, asking for input to me when they receive their February edition of TW. You'll know it's legitimate by the subject line. Please help me help you as we attempt to address the delivery of our beloved magazine Turning Wheels. Thanks in advance for your help
                  sigpicSee you in the future as I write about our past


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                    Don, I live in Grimsby and we have three members in our town. Each of us receives our TW at different times. So, I don't know what the solution is to this.
                    Susan Lusted, What's Happening Turning Wheels