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1958 Silver Hawk

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  • 1958 Silver Hawk

    My friend, Warren Acton passed away in May last year. I had found a 1958 Silver Hawk 10 years ago and he did a body off frame repair paint all and every spot of rust taken care of. I help remount the body back on the frame and planned to go over to hang the hood and front fenders one Saturday but as fate would happened he had a heart attack on Thursday and passed.

    His wife has locked the garage and his son is coming in on January 17. She has asked me to have all the Studebaker stuff separated from everything else. Her thought is to have the son take all the pieces back to Alaska. I will be going over to do that but she also said she would like to see the car stay in Arizona as well. Chassis painted, Turner disc, front end completely rebuilt, body with all new rubber mounts.

    Original engine was a six but Warren had a bow tie that needed rebuilding but was given the motor trans for free. All metal is so straight, it hurts see all the work he put in to the car.

    I have toyed with the idea of putting all together and find a V8/Trans to put in the car. Warren did brace the firewall to use a Ford Ranger PB mount for swing pedals. I have not tested the waters locally to see if anyone would buy it as is, but I do have a couple of people I can contact.

    Knowing how much time and other things done, no way would all the money spent would be recovered as it is now. I was thinking of offering 3K for it. Parting out you still end up with a carcass you have to dispose, and again, hate to see that happen. If his son does not want to kart everything to Alaska then I guess I should see about anyone else making a more generous offer.

    Any advise is welcome. If anyone around Tucson or Phoenix would like to see, contact me

    Bob Miles
    Tucson AZ

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    Bob— I’m sure some pictures of the project and a specific price would help generate som interest in your friend’s car...
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