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Talk about brand loyalty how about 45 new Studebakers and counting??

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  • Talk about brand loyalty how about 45 new Studebakers and counting??

    According to this image and caption in the September 1954 issue of the Studebaker Spotlight (employee magazine) the Laird's bought a new Studebaker every year for 45 consecutive years (except war years)! Must be a record!? Pretty impressive. I wonder if any of their kin has a photo album filled with Studebaker photos? I have owned more than 60 Studebakers (currently own 13) in the past 55 years but none of them were new.

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    Richard Quinn
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    That is interesting. Thanks for posting.

    I purchased a 1964 Hawk from the father of a lady that Cathy worked with. He bought a new Hawk every year of the Hawk, from 1956 through 1964, including two for the 1964 model year (I bought the second one from him.). I know that he purchased new Studebakers prior to the Hawks, but I only remember about the Hawks (10 new Studebaker Hawks).

    I stopped counting my personal Studebakers at some point after passing 50, some years ago. I have worked on many others. I have never bought a new Studebaker, but did buy some after one to three years of use. Out of my 100 plus personal cars, I only purchased seven new.

    EDIT: They either purchased more than one new one some years or this is incorrect. They couldn't have purchased 45 at the rate of one per year from 1910 to 1954 exclusive of the war years (at least three).
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