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    Looking for some feed back on interior options. Building a 62 gt hawk just going to be a cheap driver with a 350-350 auto, 8.8 ford rear. plan is to sell it as a car someone can get into the hobby with without breaking the bank. Color chooses are Black,Blackcherry, white, Dark blue. I've got a stack of upholstery stuff from a shop I invested in back in the mid 80's that has been in my basement for years. Enough to do the car in Black with sliver inserts in Vinyl. Black with dark gray cord. or gold, med blue, dark maroon all Velours. Also have a dark maroon vinyl so could go with the sliver as the insert or one of the maroon velours. How much will Velour insert hurt the resale on a low end car if its fresh and any body got feed back on the colors.

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    Call it suede and you should be fine. IIRC, there are a number of newer cars that come with suede inserts as an option in their leather seats. What's old is new again so it should look fine.



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      Doing THIS Car is going to be about what YOU think will be appealing to someone else, possibly a younger person than a lot of us.

      If you care about what I or others think would look good and sell, you are going to get many conflicting suggestions.
      My opinion is always slanted toward what looks closer to Correct not only to factory style but also PERIOD correct to match the year model of the Car in question.

      I can tell you that I am not alone when I say, that "Velours" the Fuzzy kind, tend to resemble something from a house of prostitution particularly if you choose Burgundy, not to mention out of place in a 60's Car.

      Vinyls look much better in a '60's Car, but I understand that people do like the comfort in very cold or very Hot climates of at least a Fabric INSERT in the seating portion of the seats as long as it contrasts well with the Vinyl bolsters AND the Exterior Color.

      A Silver, Gold or White GT looks very good with a Maroon (light as a '63) not Dark like Burgundy Cloth and Vinyl or all Vinyl Interior.

      A Blue Metallic GT looks great with a Blue Interior, although a lot of people do for some unknown reason, like Black, I do not like the darkening effect INSIDE of a Car, it needs to be Bright and cheery, not sinister looking.
      After all, this is where the owner has to be and look at, ALL the time the car is used.

      The Silver vinyl trim goes well with most all colors except White if kept only inside the Door trim mouldings.

      The Dash and Dash Pad need to be Low Gloss Black for anti glare, NEVER Light or White.
      Also too Bright and shinny on a Color like Green can be pretty ugly.
      Click image for larger version

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      OTHER Opinions WILL Vary, but YOU have to sell this Chev. powered "Hot Rod".
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        I agree with Rich, stay away from the velour.
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          How about maroon vinyl with black vinyl inserts. with the pleats horizontal like only the 62s had.
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            I have no problems with cloth inserts in the seats of a driver as long as they look like they belong there cosmetically.
            Living in Phoenix, any vinyl that touches bare skin is a lethal weapon in the summer.
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              In my humble? opinion if you want to date a vehicle use fabric from an era 30 plus years ago. Case in point, I have a 38 Chevy Coupe, not stock, it's a hot rod. A friend painted it for me and trimmed it. We used 70's Monza bucket seats and vinyl and velour in a diamond tuck pattern which was the hot setup at the time. I've become more of a traditional hot rodder and the interior is really dated.'s been there since the early 80's, and looks ok, the paint is not nice, the next guy can update to the latest trend.
              Now, all that said, I'd stay away from fabrics and patterns that tie it to the 80's. I just saw a blog on this exact topic and one of the posters said to just throw that 80's material away. I wouldn't do that because I am a little bit of a saver
              Oh yeah, those seats are very comfortable, just out of style


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                I've already held on to it for about 30 years so who knows maybe another 10 and it will be back in style and worth 5 times what I have in it. You know it always seems to come back around again. Even bell bottom pants.


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                  You know, the manufacturers hired professional designers that styled the interiors, exteriors, and color schemes based on the styles of the time, to work in harmony with each other. If your car is a '62 for example, it would make sense to choose styles and colors that are in harmony with the time period the car was built in. As was stated, '80's velour looks out of place in a '60's car, just as much as a '50's tri-color paint job would look shockingly wrong on a '90's Toyota. I respect the designers-- they are artists of a sort, and have been trained in the nuances of style and color. Why not choose materials that reflect the era of the car? I know we all want to save money, all us Studebaker people; but I'm betting that if you spent a few bucks buying appropriate materials you'd be more proud and satisfied with the results when finished.
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