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64 Commander 4-door: worth restoring?

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  • 64 Commander 4-door: worth restoring?

    Saw this on Reddit, if anyone wants to chime in and let this guy know if this car is worth restoring?

    Make sure to comment on Reddit, not this forum, as he wont see it otherwise.

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    Saw that this morning. The guy is asking $1,000 for it and it looks like a couple hundred bucks to me. He apparently just purchased it and is reselling
    1960 Lark VIII Regal Wagon


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      I love those snow tires and the glove box motel .....!


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        A hand full of quarters at a self car wash would likely give a better account of the cars condition. It utterly baffles me that someone wouldn't make that minor effort before posting pictures.

        A car sitting in that condition more often than not has severe rust issues. And even if they don't show externally that do internally. Here in So.Cal. most believe we have "rust free" cars. But I have seen significant numbers that look fine externally and even good with shots from underneath. But pull up the carpeting and the term "rotting from the inside out" never was so true. All that said there was a car on here from the Sacramento area that I presumed was a total rust-out. But the guy won the auction and found it to be a decent car and made something nice of it. So, you never know. View it here.
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