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Nelson Bove's R3 Commander production order

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    I would think a 4.88 would be a little steep for a stock or close to it 289. We ran 4.88 with a 31" tire on our Vega drag car and it was pulling mid 7000's RPM on the top end at about 130.MPH.


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      I read those Facebook posts and even commented yesterday. I wondered if the guy was just being a "troll" and trying to see how many comments he could collect. There are all sorts of ridiculous statements on Facebook just intended to get a rise out of someone.
      The original comment was a complaint about the Plain Brown Wrapper being on the first cover in the new Turning Wheels format. It sounded like he was one of those people who only want stock cars in the SDC.
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        There are all sorts of ridiculous statements on Facebook just intended to get a rise out of someone.

        Truer words have never been spoken, LOL.
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          Bob, we need more people here in NY that think like you!!
          Originally posted by BobPalma View Post
          The car's Serial Number is 64V19588. Among the options on the Production Order are:

          22A 4-speed trans T 10 C 220R
          37A High Perf Pkg R3
          75 4.55 axle ratio

          Other notations on the PO state:

          SOLD RUSH
          Send to Engineering for installation of items 22A and 37A

          Here's an idea, Bill:

          Ask Mr. Know-It-All if he would put $100 in escrow somewhere as a bet that what he says is true, and you'll do the same. Then, you spend $40 for a copy of the Production Order from The Studebaker National Museum.

          As soon as the Production Order is shown to the Escrow Agent, you collect the $200 in Escrow ($100 of which was yours in the first place) and you are ahead $60. Easy-peazy.

          Some people.... BP