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PING-00Racer,window regulator needed...

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  • PING-00Racer,window regulator needed...

    Ok,I dug thru all my swap meet stuff.I have a complete pair of doors off a 64 or 65 two door Commander,and they have regulators in them.I am unsure,after reading the replies on your first post if these will work or not.I have 1 window regulator left from a Daytona I parted,but it is a rear quarter glass one with the funky hinged roller,and I do not know which side it is because my dumbass did not lable it. I found a few other regulators off a Commander besides the ones in the doors i am looking at. Is there a part number on them anywhere? I will disassemble the doors and sell you the regulator if you need it and it will work.I do not have a firm year on the doors,because they are off the Stude I parted that had a 1963 two door title and tag on it,of which I have no use for.I guarantee it was actually a 64 or 65.
    I did find a complete set of regulators off a 63 GT Hawk,if anyone reading this wants them.So let me know if any of this will work for you!