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Stainless Restoration Vendor (Highly Recommended)

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  • Stainless Restoration Vendor (Highly Recommended)

    Karl did most of the stainless on my Hawk. He did all the stainless on Dad's 50 Champion. And now I just had him redo the front fender side moldings on my Hawk that were originally done by someone else. After Karl did the rest of the stainless on my Hawk the front fender pieces (done by others) just didn't measure up to the rest of the car.

    I sent him the front fender moldings 10 days ago and got them back yesterday. Nine day turn around and they are absolutely perfect. They originally had the classic dents / creases that most moldings have about two inches from the end by the front door. After the repair by others, I could still see ripples in the stainless where the repair was attempted. Karl got them perfectly straight.

    On Dad's champion, one of the door handles look like someone had beat on it with a pick hammer. Tiny dents all over it. As you know the stainless on those door handles can't be removed. Karl welded the dents up and then ground it back down smooth and polished them out. They look fantastic.

    I talked to Karl this morning and he gave me his permission to post his contact information on the forum so others will know about him. So here you go. If you need stainless repair and polishing done, I don't think you could possibly be disappointed in his work.

    Karl Bartholomew
    155 Leona Lane
    Cleveland, GA 30528
    ph# 706-865-4056
    "Trying to shed my CASO ways"


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    Thanks! Good to know of someone who takes pride in their work!

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      Karl actually ran the body shop for an Atlanta Studebaker dealer until they closed up. Karl is 88 but still works on this stuff five or six days a week because he enjoys it. His grandson has been working with him for several years now, learning the trade. Hopefully his grandson will keep the business going when Karl can't do it anymore.
      "Trying to shed my CASO ways"