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'55 (?) Studebaker pick up truck seen in Sacramento

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  • '55 (?) Studebaker pick up truck seen in Sacramento

    I'm not as familiar with the Studebaker trucks as I am with the cars. I spotted this very nice '55 (?) pick up in the beautiful Land Park area of Sacramento:

    I would welcome correction on the year if I have it wrong.

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    Yep, looks like a '55 to me also, although it has the smaller STUDEBAKER nameplate on the front lower edge of the hood used on the earlier models, and has an earlier hood ornament. The hood may have been replaced at some point. But best I can tell, it has the larger '55 rear window.

    CORRECTION: Nope, was wrong again (my wife says as usual ). See below for correct info.
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      I think that really is a 1954 pickup, not a 1955. That would explain the trim differences on the hood.
      That back window, though not easy to see, looks like the smaller window last used in 1954. Thus the 54 cab is unique - first use of the one piece windshield, and last use of the smaller back window.


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        That's Jason Michaels truck. It's his companion Studebaker for the 50 Champion on the inside front cover of the July 2017 issue of Turning Wheels. Jason runs the website for the Karel Staple Chapter SDC in Northern California. Check it out at
        www.Hawktalks .com

        1954 3R6-12
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