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    Originally posted by KenF View Post
    Although the original source material is no longer copyrighted, according to and the LoC. I don't mind paying a small fee for a burned CD of PDF files as I'm planning to do, but the idea of paying $70 to 99 for a printed one seems like egregious profiteering.
    How much would it cost you to "copy" each page of your truck's manuals? Our take them in and have them re-printed? (Remember to figure in the cost of quality paper, not copy machine paper, and the heavier covers, and having them collated and bound.)
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      Originally posted by ddub View Post
      In my opinion there is no substitute for an original manual. The pictures are significantly clearer than the reprints. No experience with the disks. Originals come up on ebay regularly, price depends on condition.
      Agree. Prices of original manuals on ebay are all over the place. And there are/were often some real bargains at Intl Meets, York, etc.
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