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    I have always has an interest in neon signs so I discussed purchasing one with my wife and we decided to have a Studebaker sign made for the man cave. Long story short, (actually it took us two years to decide we wanted/needed it) the sign was made by Barton's Neon in Middletown Ohio. Our choice was well rewarded... the sign is stunning! John is in my opinion a perfectionist and he did an excellent job making this one of a kind neon. It is a high quality sign made completely by himself. John knows how to please his customers. He is a car guy much like the rest of us. He and his father were at one time a Studebaker Packard dealer. It creates a really nice glow in the man cave!

    Click image for larger version

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    Very nice! I know they are expensive, but do look beautiful when complete and done.




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      Beautiful Sign! I remember when Mr. Barton Posted here advertising his Custom Work, not cheap but if you want the Best and the Real Deal, it WILL Cost.

      What are those 2 Gold Framed BLACK things?
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        Some years ago I needed an addition to complement my Man Cave so had this one created in Melbourne. Many visitors have enjoyed seeing it.Click image for larger version

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          That's a really nice sign.
          Now you need the Studebaker Hawk poster to go with it.
          Gary Sanders
          Nixa, MO


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            Thanks Rich, it is indeed the real deal! What you are seeing in that photo is the lightweight aluminum stand offs on the back of the sign. It is 40 inches wide and 22 inches tall. It is supported by this frame work and very sturdy.
            Originally posted by StudeRich View Post
            Beautiful Sign! I remember when Mr. Barton Posted here advertising his Custom Work, not cheap but if you want the Best and the Real Deal, it WILL Cost.

            What are those 2 Gold Framed BLACK things?


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              The first photo is when it is turned on in a dark setting, the third photo is the sign turned off in daylight. John used imported Italian colored glass so in the daylight the tubes are in color.


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                FWIW, my neons, 1950 vintage, from a dealer I bought out back in the '70s. The third one actually had a neon circle like the other two, but it was broken so I just took it off and threw it away,
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                  In one of my (too many) careers, In the late 1980's I began representing a company that sold, installed, and serviced major brands of industrial finishing equipment. The very first "Electrostatic spraying" system I sold, was to a manufacturer of commercial Neon signs. While teaching the "painter" how to use the system, set the controls, make adjustments, etc., he kept excusing himself and walking out of the spray booth to the concrete block wall next to the booth. So many interruptions was irritating. So, I began to continue with instructions and walked around the corner with him. What I discovered was that he had a little hollowed hole in the mortar where he kept his marijuana joint.

                  Making Neon signs requires a skill that involves glass blowing, open flames, and phosphor alert mind and steady hand. Lucky for this employer, the painter 's job was to spray mostly a flat black coating to the metal frames on which the sign was installed. As I recall, that particular painter didn't have that job very long. But, ever since, when thinking about Neon Signs, I can't help but think of that experience.

                  Your sign looks great.
                  John Clary
                  Greer, SC

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                    Click image for larger version

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ID:	1717516Back in the early 70’s I was driving past Mathis Motors in West ATlantic City one winter evening. The lights were on in the showroom so I stopped. I had noticed earlier on another trip there was a very nice “Studebabaker Cars” neon sign in the showroom window on the bay side.
                    I walked in and met Mr. Mathis who was sitting at a desk looking over some WW2 aircraft photos. He was annoyed at first about me interrupting him. Then I mentioned my Dad was in the 8th Air Corp.his demeanor changed to a much friendlier attitude. Turned out Mr. Mathis had also served in the 8th, also stationed in England like Dad. He hadn’t met my Dad but with the thousands of guys serving in the 8th, no surprise.
                    He sold me the “Studebaker Cars” neon for $50. and helped me take it down. He also had a neat “Lark Power Steering” neon sign that he wanted to sell me. Bit like a dummy I passed on it, always regretted not buying it!
                    There was also a huge “Studebaker” neon sign that covered the entire front window of the showroom! Way to large for my house or garage.
                    When the kids came along I crated the neon Studebaker sign up and put it up in the garage attic. Always feared it getting broken by me or the kids.
                    My wife and I decided a few years ago to donate it to the Studebaker National Museum. We did so with help from Andy Beckman and it’s on display there hanging by a visible gas pump.
                    Thank Mr. Mathis!
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                      I have an eight-foot tall replica dealer neon. Thankful forthe twelve-foot ceiling height.

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                        I'm impressed by the others who have posted pictures of their neon. I think they are interesting as well as the history behind them. Thanks guys!