Saturday, February 16, 2008
2:00pm (escort in for Studebakers to be pre-parked)
Event runs from 3:00pm to 7:30pm
"Cruise 'parade' runs at 7:30pm

'The Villages' entertainment department have it all set up for the Studebaker folks.
Early entrance and pre-parking on the square.[]

The NCFSDC chapter will be in attendance, and all and any other Studebaker owners, or just Stude people are invited to this [u]free</u> car show and parade/cruise.

There are usually 200 to 300 quality cars and trucks in attendance, so this is a real fun event.
Live music and dancing. Several restaurants right on premisis.
Happy hour from 5-7pm.

The parade is a real neat event. I have seen 5,000+ people lining the sidewalks to watch the cars cruise by.
It's a short parade, so overheating shouldn't be an issue.

The Studebakers are all parked in a nice row for your viewing pleasure.

Here's a link or three from past "Studebaker Day" at 'The Villages'.,Villages&#39;,Villages&#39;

There is a Holiday Inn Express and a Quality Inn & Suites within walking distance (a few long blocks)..
Better check quick for availability. as it is Speedweek.
Hope to see you there!