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Nice dual-quad/overdrive 56J on Classic cars. com

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  • Nice dual-quad/overdrive 56J on Classic cars. com

    'Says the asking price is less than half the cost of restoration. I can believe it; nice car and with both stick overdrive, still on the column, and dual quads, even though they were not a factory-installed option, as the seller states. BP
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    For true, Bob. Very nice, very rare car and a good value for the asking. That it doesn't have PS will be a problem for some, but I've driven them without it and since this is a performance car, it's made to go, not parallel park.
    "Equipped with the extremely rare factory dual 4 barrel option that bumped the power up to 305 horsepower."
    No matter how much we '56J owners would like this to be true, the dual 4-bbl was never an option on either the '56J or even other Packards. It was standard equipment on the Caribbean models only.

    Another FWIW, it's unknown where their 305 horsepower came from, but it seems to be a guesstimate. The '56 Caribbean 374" engine with 10:1 compression was rated at 310. The '55 Caribbean 352" with 8.5:1 compression was 260 horsepower. So, maybe if the 2x4bbl was added to the '56 275 horsepower 352" with 9.5:1 compression, it would have been maybe 295 horsepower.

    Anyway, small corrections aside, it's a car I'd be proud to own and drive

    jack vines
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      If I had the spare money, I would really be on that one. Great equipment as well as colour combo.

      Lord knows I could use the physical work out of parallel parking. Unfortunately my wife doesn't see the correlation.

      Oh well, timing is everything.


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        Damn, where did I place that lottery ticket?