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    Hi Folks :

    Now that the season has wound down for those of us that live across the 49TH and we are putting our babies to bed for those cold months ahead . Before you do and for those who soon will be , now is the time to gather the information needed for the registries 1961-63 Lark Series cars and the 65 Daytona Sports Sedans and send it along to me . I will remind you all these are no cost registries and any information gathered will NOT be published . Only information released is name , general location and cars serial number and then only to other registry family members . I have 12 unknown owners of the 65 Sports Sedans as the cars were sold at auctions or by previous owners . There are 31 registered 65's listed . The 61-63 Lark Series cars was started 4 years after the sports Sedan registry and has 34 registered members so far . With only 1627 65's made and only one year in the registry I know with 3 years the Lark registry should sit at at least 100 by Xmas . Remember the sole purpose of all registry is to locate surviving vehicles in the respective registries .Even if it is a parts vehicle as long as the serial number is attached it is a survivor . So take a short time and get details of your vehicle and get in touch with the registry manager . Email me with details and if not sure which registry yours belongs in I have a complete list of managers and is also Oct TW page 11 less the new one for the 50-51 cars (all) . Thanks for your time and hope to hear from owners soon .

    Regards Old Fart (Terry)

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    I can't believe that everyone is so busy that they can't spare a couple hours a month for the benefit of the club and yourselves .

    Old Fart