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Going to crusher soon if nobody wants them

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  • Going to crusher soon if nobody wants them

    I lost my storage lot when it was sold this week & will be disposing of several of my builder/parts cars. These are all rollers w/o engines, but have solid bodies other than various degrees of floor board rot. Few have titles. These are priced at $550. ea.
    I do not have the time to take & send pictures or remove parts, and do not invite calls from those unable to pay for or come to get them. I can not store for more than a few weeks or deliver..
    2 60-61 4dr Larks, 60 hawk body, 57 & 58 Packard sedans, 50 Packard sedan, 64 Wagonaire. See pics on FB Studebaker Addicts, etc.
    Also have 55 & 56 Commander coupes, nice 61 Hawk builder, 58 G Hawk & Comm. runners,etc. for sale.
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    I am so... glad you are in Texas...

    How do I see the pictures on Facebook?
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    Where the heck is Fawn Lodge, CA?


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      Amazingly if one Google's Studebaker Addicts it comes right up as the first hit. And if one clicks on "Photos" It takes you to the page. Or, In fact..., it was so easy even I could do it.
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      '64 Lark Type, powered by '85 Corvette L-98 (carburetor), 700R4, - CASO to the Max.