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Take a ride in a 63 Avanti at Sebring Raceway

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  • Take a ride in a 63 Avanti at Sebring Raceway

    Hi, I stumbled onto this video on YouTube. I am not associated with its creation or posting.

    However, I thought it was so cool, I wanted to share it.

    I must give this guy credit, he is more daring than I.
    Avanti's were great in a straight line, but here is one being driven on a track, with street radials, at high speeds.

    With the GoPro mounted outside, you really get the sensation of speed. Much better than an inside mount.
    You can hear the whine of the Supercharger and the squeal of the tires.

    He did a good job keeping up with modern Corvettes. Plus, the Avanti stayed in one piece.

    Way to go Studebaker !

    Keeping Studebaker Alive:

    Atlanta GA
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    Thank you for the great, very interesting post. Having spent 40+ years in the tire industry, I feel I must clarify, that it's difficult to identify the exact size tire which was used. However, after scanning the Hankook site and deducing which sizes were probably used, I think I would have chosen a less passenger car rated tire (lower speed ratings of 112 mph "S" and 118 mph "T") and a more performance rated tire such as "H" 130 mph or "V" 149 mph. I know we used to do high speeds years ago but that was on stiffer bias carcass tires which flex less thus reducing the heat build up. Just my take for those of us who still like to drive quickly.
    Cheers, Bill


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      That was good fun. Well done video and the audio narration was an added bonus. Sounds like the Avanti may have belonged to the co-pilot and driven by a seasoned driver. I enjoyed hearing his comment about the pull of the supercharged engine. Anyone know either of the fellas?