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Tachometers for 6 volt positive ground systems

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  • Tachometers for 6 volt positive ground systems

    Although I am new here, I've been on several boards (mainly old Ford related) for a long time, and in my travels, I have seen more than a few requests looking for tachometers to run on 6 volt positive ground cars. There seems to be one choice, and they are quite bland and expensive. Because of this, I've gotten together with a friend who is a long time electrical engineer and we have developed a "black box" that allows the use of most currently available 12 volt negative ground tachs on 6 volt positive ground cars. We made three prototypes about a year ago and have been field testing them since. The tests were successful, so we incorporated a few improvements we deemed desirable, and have just finished a run of 10 production units. Six have been spoken for, so I still have 4 available. I am posting this here to see if there is any interest. I've posted a couple of photos, The first shows a small SunPro unit in my '51 Ford at idle. The second shows the unit itself (the black box mounted on the firewall; please excuse the messy wiring; I'm still in test mode). Also, here is a link to a YouTube video of one of the prototype units running on a Mercury engine on my test stand.

    If anybody has any interest in these, you can contact me by email at The units are priced at $120 each plus $7.15 shipping.
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    That is a very useful and needed item Denny thanks for posting.

    We know a Guy here that runs his '55 Stude. V8 at the Muscle Car Drags, that maybe could use that!
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      Rich, thanks for the kind words. I appreciate them. Yeah, for racing you can run one of the fancy new units with a shift light and rev limiter and all that jazz. We have tested this with everything from a $10 "swap meet special" to a $600 Autometer high end racing unit, and they all worked. We have found the more expensive the tach, the more accurate it will be.
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        Bringing this back to the top because I have only two of the original run left. If there is enough interest, I will try to get 10 more done before I leave for Florida (it it's open) for the winter next month.