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1953 Commander Convertible on Hemmings

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  • 1953 Commander Convertible on Hemmings

    This car came up in the 'Popular Vehicles' feed on my Hemmings app. I'm sure it has been in Turning Wheels before and people on the SDC Forum will probably know the owner/builder. It is very well done--a hybrid of the best C/K bits to build a beautiful interpretation of a '53 Loewy convertible. I like the GT Hawk dash, powershift, dash-mounted master cylinder, and excellent convertible top adaptation. Seems like a good price for the craftsmanship and the cost to build.

    Scott Griggs
    Louisville, KY

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    What can you say about a car that's just so beautiful.


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      It belongs to Jim Maloney, Nutmeg Chapter member. It is quite nice.
      '63 Cruiser
      '57 Packard wagon
      '61 Lark Regal 4 dr wagon
      '50 Commander 4 dr sedan


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        It is a nice car. I have seen it several times.

        I do not know why it is referred to as a Starlight. It would have been made from a Starliner.
        They call it restored, which it is not.
        Those interior door handles must be difficult to use mounted 180 degrees out of whack. This may have something to do with the change in door latches.
        Gary L.
        Wappinger, NY

        SDC member since 1968
        Studebaker enthusiast much longer


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          I've seen it at the Northeast zone meet. It is as nice in person as it is in the pictures. I didn't notice the bear claw door latches, looks like a nice modification.
          Dwight 54 Commander hardtop