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  • Mc Bride Auto Wrecking Grantsville Utah

    Lots of Studebakers here:

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    My kind of place! They used to be all over the West. Yes I know that there were yards all over the country, at one time, but in the dry of the high desert they were, and are different. Like in many parts of the country the paint can be just toasted off the car, but with little moisture the rust is only skin deep in these yards. Often you find pot metal chrome that hasn't pitted, in spite of having sat out in the elements for years. No interiors, rubber or paint but..... In Jim Hines yard in Mountain Home Id. there is a 55 Studebaker from which I removed some beautiful chrome in the early 80's, and there the car sits today, not a great deal different then the first time I saw it.

    Sadly much of the West is ablaze today, or I might just hit the road to revisit and to explore new places. I love car shows, but there are no shows any better then a great, little touched, yard of hoard.


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      A number of years ago on a back road trip (we try NOT to do interstates) we hit Medicine Bow Motors outside of Missoula Montana. It was truly amazing what we found. There were stacks 6 feet high of various model A & T fenders. I spotted a V12 Lincoln Flathead motor languishing on the ground which I knew existed but I had never actually seen one. Here is a brief overview of what we saw:


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        Part 2 video shows detail discussion of the 63 Avanti. Claims personal car of Mr. Granatelli and raced at the salt. Might be a R-3 299 A series engine. Has the black box and a different tachometer. No noticeable decal numbers. 4-speed
        Start and Stage Your Studebakers


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          Originally posted by Buzzard View Post
          Thanks for posting this. It was interesting.
          I do have two comments.
          1) The narrator should adjust the height of his shoulder belt anchor.
          2) The narrator should get his facts straight. For example, he says that 1956 was the first Thunderbird (rather than 1955).
          Gary L.
          Wappinger, NY

          SDC member since 1968
          Studebaker enthusiast much longer


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            In the Show following McBride I and II, in the Studebaker National Museum coverage, It gets a lot worse than that!
            They show a Red Champion Convertible and call it a Commander Starlight which just happens to be the Next Car they show.

            They mention that things started to go poorly? in the 1960's? and they began closing Plants? What Plants?

            Of course many people misrepresent President Lincoln's Carriage as a Studebaker and without saying it, it is understood being shown with all the Studebaker Carriages IN the Studebaker National Museum to be a Studebaker. Of course it is not.

            Nice coverage of both Jack Merrill's '64 R1 Pursuit Marshall and his '37 Coupe Express.

            God rest his soul, he was a good Washington State SDC Member in the North Puget Sound Chapter and Friend of many. He actually set up accounts in advance of his death to finance, transport and donate both beautiful Cars to South Bend to the SNM.
            Second Generation Stude Driver,
            Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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              In film #2 he says the Jaguar is a Mercedes... "Funny".

              Champion V8
              4d sedan