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    The cost analysis you mention is pretty much what I came up with when calculating the cost of the Prius compared to my other non hybrid cars. My Tundra came in about the same as the Tacoma. My wife seems to think she has some kind of effect on "saving the planet" if she drivers the overly costly Prius's though; so she keeps buying them. You can keep the personal cost outlay of the prius down some by buying them used, 1 year or less, and selling them around 5-6 years old before they need a new HV battery. At least it shuts my wife up about my driving my "antique tanks" that "use so much gas". Women !


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      We have a Ford Fusion plug-in hybrid my wife drives. The plug-in option was $4k over a standard hybrid. While I haven't bothered to run the numbers I think it's paid for itself in over 32k miles. It's averaged over 68 mpg combined electric/gasoline plus I haven't seen a noticeable increase in the house electric bill. My wife has gone from fueling up an eighteen gallon tank from her previous car once a week to fueling up a twelve gallon tank in the Fusion once a month.

      At the time we purchased the car two years ago the price of replacement batteries was $200 each (there are five). I don't know what the cost might be whenever they do need replacing but I'm hoping that the battery technology will have improved enough to increase the range on electric power over what it is now.

      There's only two compromises we've seen in owning the lose half the trunk space to batteries (which hasn't proven to be an issue), and the car is pretty gutless on the gas engine alone.
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