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IDYSD/Ozark Trails Trip

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  • IDYSD/Ozark Trails Trip

    As usual, Joe and I were on the road coming back from Branson after having an enjoyable time at the Orphan Car Show. We got behind some extremely slow motor homes on the way up on Friday that made the trip a bit less enjoyable, but no such problem coming back. My favorite part of the drive, besides going down long twisty grades is watching small modern cars pull out when we hit a steep grade with a passing lane and then not be able to pass. I guess the drivers assume that these old cars can't possibly maintain their speed.
    I took a few pictures at our stop to eat in Clinton, Arkansas. The parking lot was not the best place, but the setting sun made some soft light. The hardest part was positioning myself to cut off some of the junk in the background.
    The stop was not long after I had a wheel cover come off as the car climbed a hill on a two lane area. I watched the wheel cover pass me in the on-coming lane as I slowed down, turn and roll back across the road behind me in front of the next car! Thankfully the car missed and the area beside the highway was grassy and not extremely steep. There are places on that road that a wheel cover rolling off the pavement would just be lost. Some excitement, but the wheel cover was hardly scratched.
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