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    Originally posted by JoeHall View Post
    I would not dream of letting a kid at a shop install a battery in a Stude. The only time I ever allow someone else to touch my Studes is when getting exhaust repairs done.

    For tires, I usually drop the old tires & wheels off at the shop, then after they install new tires, take them home and remount them myself. Back in the late 1980s, I had a kid at Discount Tires, in Oceanside, CA put the lift feet under the fenders. I was not paying any attention till I heard a loud pop, when the support bracket broke on one of the front fenders. I gave the guy an on-the-spot class and, ever since then, pay a lot more attention at tire shops. But I just avoid them when possible, i.e. unless caught in a time crunch.
    In the battery case that I cited, it was not a Studebaker (it was a late model Chrysler) and it was not a "kid", it was about a 50 year old man.
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      There's no way I'm going to have any parts installed at the auto store. Last time I relented, it was a set of wipers on a 2008 Impala. After I showed the young feller how to do the driver's side he did pretty well on the passengers unit.

      It's not a complaint, just an observation, that those stores don't higher qualified mechanics just folks that want to make an honest living doing something. If I want parts installed I'll either go to the dealer, M&R auto repair locally or do what I do most of the time, drive it into my pole barn and fix the dang thing myself.



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        I went to Batteries Plus for Barney's previous battery - they only carried a 3-year Duracell-branded item in the reversed terminal configuration '63 Larks require, and I paid nearly $300 for it. When that died, I went to NAPA - they had a 5-year batter with upgraded CCA for $179 in stock. Guess where I'll be going from now on.

        Clark in San Diego | '63 Standard (F2) "Barney" |


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          I think the majority if not all of the batteries mentioned here are made by the same company Johnson Controls.

          I have had great luck with rebuilt batteries or "Blems". $50 each. New plates and acid, old case. No issues, some of mine are 5 plus years old and my cars sit a lot.


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            I believe that A.C. Delco still makes batteries. I get my batteries for my GM driver vehicles at Sam's Club. They are branded DuraCell and are made by East Penn Mfg Co. (according to the label). Cost about $100 with a 3-year, full-replacement guarantee.


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              The best prices here in CT are at Costco. They carry Interstate with a 42 month guaranty.
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                Interstate Batteries sells batteries manufactured by Exide and Johnson Controls. The interesting part (to us) is the company founder started out by selling batteries out of the back of his red Studebaker pickup in 1950. The name Interstate comes from the Interstate Highway System.
                Gary L.
                Wappinger, NY

                SDC member since 1968
                Studebaker enthusiast much longer


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                  I use Interstate also. Have had excellent luck with them.


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                    What I get from all this is to 'price shop' before making a final purchase on a battery, (or whatever), but at the same time, cheapest is NOT always the best.



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                      Let me add NAPA as a place NOT to buy a battery. The last group 24 one I bought from them was all dusty on top. The clerk made a point of telling me that the dust was because they were remodeling the store. After installing it, I went to scratch out the year and month on the sticker and the battery was so old that year was not even available on the sticker.

                      Fortunately, an Interstate battery store opened up next door. My rebuilt (half price) Interstate group 24 is still going strong after four years of sitting.

                      Costco in my town sells Interstate batteries, too.

                      You fellows in rural areas are very lucky to have the likes of tractor supply stores. It seems like farmland may be one of the last bastions of places that supply do it yourselfers.
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