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Bye-bye, Betty dear...

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  • Bye-bye, Betty dear...

    Hi all--

    Well...the deed is done. My cherished '62 Lark 6 2dr is bound for pastures greener, specifically a new life cruisin' in the Port Colborne, Ontario, area. Very eager buyer drove in to see the car this afternoon and more or less bought it on the spot. He intends to do pretty much exactly what I'd have done had I any money these days: fix what really needs fixing, and then drive and enjoy the old gal as is...even intends to keep the dull 30-odd-year-old patina'd paintwork. I'll be trying to stay in touch with the new owner and hope to be able to see the car in her new environs once she's active again; Port Colborne isn't all that far from here...but I sure am going to miss being behind the wheel of a Stude. It's been a pretty good decade all concerned on that front...and it probably goes without saying that I'll be staying in SDC. Just maybe someday I'll have a Stude again too.

    Cheers all

    a somewhat heavy-hearted Steve T

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    Sorry to hear that Steve, I am pretty sure that She gave you many GOOD memories though.

    She was that Rare Medium to Dark Blue (that almost resembles 1960 Gulfstream Blue) '62 Lark 2 Dr. Sedan right?

    Click image for larger version

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      Yep, that's her, and that's a recent shot too, at the Freelton antique market north of Hamilton earlier this summer. Good memories? Yep, buckets of 'em. Re the colour, that was one thing that drew me to the car ten years ago. When I saw it on Kijiji I initially mistook it for a locally-restored Gulfstream Blue '60 that had been sold and more or less vanished a year or so prior. Of course it was a different, two-years-newer, 2-door instead, and nowhere near as nice as the '60 had been. The blue seems to be the stock Stude interior metalwork blue, replicated on the outside of the car (over the original Canada-only pale metallic blue). An amazingly close modern equal is BMW Mini Oxygen Blue circa 2007. The new owner likes the patina my car now has, and plans to retain it...I wish him all the best in fixing what needs fixing, and it's a cinch once he does he'll have a ball with the car as I have done for nearly ten years.



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        Sorry to hear it go, but as you state, its going to a good home.

        Yes, we did discuss P6218 Metallic Blue close to ten years ago: http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.c...hlight=limette